Oxygen Facials

Oxygen Facial machines are becoming more and more predominate in leading salons, spas and wellness clinics in order to meet the demand for comprehensive and deeper-working facial experiences that deliver high tier outcomes and instantly noticeable results.  Investing in a quality, multi-purpose Oxygen Facial machine enables beauty business owners to modernise their treatment menu with luxury, hi-tech facials that work to address a number of skin concerns from anti-ageing to acne and deliver a radiant and psychologically satisfying result for the client every time.

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bt-Accent AIR™ 

Our bt-Accent AIR™ oxygen facial machine achieves instant results in the treatment of signs of ageing, congestion, enlarged pores and dehydrated and tired skin.
94% pure ambient oxygen delivery works alongside skincare infusions to nourish and repair for a plumped out, revitalised appearance.

These technology-accelerated or ‘hi-tech’ facials are specifically tailored to the client’s individual skin concern to maximise the key results they are after.

The bt-Accent AIR™ offers an instant detox treatment for the skin, delivering only 94% pure ambient oxygen free of nitrogen and chemicals, deep into the skin to energise cells and enhance the skin-correcting product infusion. The facials are popular as an ongoing course of treatments to maintain a young, clear and bright complexion as well as a one-off ‘makeover’ selling point for clients who need a pick-me-up and instant, radiant results before a big event.

Top features

  • Treats an array of skin concerns with the powerful benefits of 94% pure oxygen
  • Offers tailored treatment protocols
  • Boasts oxygen infusion technology for spectacular skin rejuvenation results
  • Sleek, modern design with computerised switch controls for ultra-easy operation
  • Quiet operation ensures clients receive a calm and relaxing facial experience
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Top Benefits Of Oxygen Facials

  • Deepens product infusion
  • Improves skin’s firmness and suppleness
  • Deeply hydrates and revitalises the skin
  • Kick-starts circulation for an instant glow
  • Reduces breakouts
  • Plumps up sunken, dull and deflated skin
  • Tightens and minimises enlarged pores

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