Teeth Whitening

Australians love their coffee, tea and red wine - three big contributors to teeth discolouration alongside smoking, so it’s no surprise that the teeth whitening is in demand; this is reflected in the large range of teeth whitening toothpastes you can find even at your local supermarket.

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BrightTonix Teeth Whitening & Mouth Rejuvenation System

BrightTonix caters to our clients seeking a more advanced approach to teeth whitening to enhance their smile and increase their confidence — and all without having to visit the dentist, which can often be a nerve-wracking and costly affair for many.

The BrightTonix system is a state-of-the-art innovation that harnesses the power of Radiofrequency (RF) technology and a professionally formulated Y10 whitening toothpaste that, when combined, safely and gently “pulls out” stains from tooth enamel without the need for harsh hydrogen peroxide treatments.

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How does BrightTonix work?

  • BrightTonix treatment providers dispense the Y10 whitening toothpaste into the mouthpiece, which is then inserted into the client’s mouth.
  • The mouthpiece is attached to the BrightTonix device, which sends low level RF energy into the mouthpiece.
  • When the RF energy collides with the toothpaste, the toothpaste molecules are charged, creating a chemical bond with the teeth stains (chromophore).
  • Rapid changes in the complex pull out the chromophore from the enamel, safely breaking it down to whiten teeth up to 14 shades.
  • Treatments take just 30 minutes, and no post-treatment home care is required.

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