How skin analysers can support you to upsell, upgrade and achieve incredible results for your clients skin

Consider this: the skin is made up of multiple layers: epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. However, the epidermis is the only visible part. That’s part of the reason almost 80 percent of women do not have good or realistic knowledge of their skin type or condition.

With advanced skin diagnostic technology like the OBSERV 520, your salon can bridge this visual barrier, allowing you to see all layers of skin, revealing internal skin processes and getting to the root of skin imperfections. Offering state-of-the-art skin consultations will enable your salon or clinic to accurately visualize and diagnose skin imperfections, leading to improved treatment outcomes for even the most problematic skin conditions.

The OBSERV 520 difference

Put your clients at the fore of treatment

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could offer your clients comprehensive treatment that goes beyond addressing visible skin concerns to arresting their internal causative agents? OBSERV 520 makes that possible.

The patented skin analysis technology provides instant facial skin imaging analysis, allowing intricate diagnosis of skin conditions at the epidermal and dermal level. Featuring six clinical observation modes for evaluating the skin under different fluorescent lighting, the technology empowers your practice to reveal current and future skin concerns and support evidence-backed treatment plans for both.

Visually track treatment progress

Capture your client’s skin conditions from their first visit to your salon and store the exam images and consultation notes in an easily-accessible integrated database. You can share these images with your clients to explain the scientific basis of your treatment plan and use them as a solid benchmark for tracking treatment progress. You can even show clients before and after images of themselves, showing them how far they’ve come and how much better their skin has improved.

Improve professionalism and client satisfaction

Offering modern diagnostic services that reveal intricate details of your clients’ skin from the inside and then using these diagnoses as the basis of a treatment plan, positions you as a professional in the skin treatment space. Your clients will be impressed by the personalized, more accurate treatment plans that are scientifically supported, leading to higher client satisfaction rates. In the long run, such high customer trust will improve revenues.

The advanced science of skin consultations is an easy upsell to clients looking for more professional and evidence-based treatment approaches. Upgrade to a science-backed practice and see improvements in treatment outcomes and revenues.