Get Waxed

I was referred to the global beauty group after hearing about their exceptional customer service and quality machinery that stood out from their competitors. The experience I have had with this company has exceeded all my expectations. I am so glad I made the discussion to invest and buy my machinery from The Global Beauty Group.

My biggest worry about being a small business owner was not having the support from a company after purchasing, and these guys have gone above and beyond to help me.

Kane has been an absolute gem!!!

He has been a pleasure to deal with, his customer service is fantastic and he has been so helpful and accommodating with my business.

Kane was very honest from the start which I appreciated and suggested the best machinery within my budget and was not pushy what so ever.

From marketing, training, brochures, products to business support, this company doesn’t miss a trick. I would highly recommend The Global Beauty Group to anyone looking at buying machinery in the beauty industry without hesitation.

Thank you Kane and The Global Beauty Group.